Saturday, October 18, 2008

Watch Out Ladies!

Watch out ladies!
Filipe will be 12 soon and he's becoming a handsome young man!
And quoting my MIL:

"Women hold your cows, cause my bulls are running free!"



Laane said...

He looks like the friend of one of my daughters. But I bet he's a lot more clever.
12 she is.

Crazy Working Mom said...

OMG, your MIL cracks me up. TOo funny.

He is a cutie!

Kelly said...

Wow, a 12 year old!!
Happy Birthday to him!

The New Mom on the Blog said...

*super huge laugh* the 12 year old bulls are definitely handsomely running free!

what a charming young man!

Toni said...

He is so handsome! You are right, the ladies better watch out!

Tina said...

woo hoo! and are bet those bulls run fast too hahahah!

Petula said...

He is a cutie! That quote is great!