Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Thirteen--14 th Edition

Thirteen Things about WHEN I WAS 13 YEARS OLD...

  1. I was absolutely crazy about NKOTB!
  2. My bedroom walls were covered with their posters and US mini-flags;
  3. My hair was just as long as it is nowadays;
  4. Me ,dad, mom and sister were living in a small village called Malveira;
  5. I was a proud firefighter;
  6. I had the best score in the 1st aids classes (even better than my dad did!);
  7. I used to think that my life sucked cause my dad didn't want me to dance with boys!
  8. I had my first heartbreak;
  9. I was so proud cause every one thought that I was 18!
  10. I fell down from a skate board and got a cyst on my right wrist (20 years later I still have it!);
  11. When I was home alone and had the house chores to do I used to set everything to look like I was an Hotel manager en charged ( I had ambiance music playing for my guests and everything!LOL);
  12. I loved to sing in front of the mirror (My father used to sing when he was young so he always encouraged me to do the same...);
  13. My favorite book was Charles Dickens "Scrooge" and my favorite movies were "Dirty Dancing" and "The Blue Lagoon"

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Crazy Working Mom said...

I STILL love NKOTB...and I used to sing in front of the mirror. In fact, sometimes I still do that as well. :) I use a curling iron for a microphone. heh heh heh

Sassy Mama Bear said...

You must be closer to my sister's age :)
Great TT

Toni said...

You sounded like a pretty cool 13 year old. Happy TT!!!

Tina said...

i loved nkotb too! and take that.

nothing wrong with singing in front of the mirror ;)

Nina said...

Oh to be 13 again.... on second thought I don't think I would go back except in memories.

My Thursday Thirteen:

The New Mom on the Blog said...

oh dear! is the cyst big? is it obvious?

hey girl, got an award on my side just for sweet mommy you!

and (begging) got another post which need you to vote for me (for the fun of it)*wink*