Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hotel California-By Eagles

Eagles - Hotel California

I grew up listening to this (among many other fabulous ones) music.
My father loved it and so do I.
Hope you girls have a great week!


Tammy said...

I LOVE this song! Classic rock is the best!

Zen Ventures said...

My cousin had a tape (those ancient tapes) of this that I ruined and he hated me for a while! lol!!! he loved this group. I was young then and very inquisitive- I pulled those thin films out and wrinkled them for good! ack!

Toni said...

I have always like the Eagles! Actually got to see them in concert once!

Crazy Working Mom said...

This is a great song! :)

Thanks for posting. You have a great week too, sweets.

The New Mom on the Blog said...

I LOVE THIS!!! never got sick of it, can listen to it a million times!

Tina said...

classic rock is so much better than the rock songs they have these days