Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday Thirteen-- 11th Edition

Thirteen Things about My Week

  1. Today one one my friends had a C-Section.It's her second baby boy!Congratulations Momma!
  2. Filipe, my 11 year old , got into a fight at school.Now we're waiting to see the outcome of that...
  3. My mom got some bug and she's not feeling that well poor thing...
  4. Finally, my kids school books got here.I've order them through the internet and they took a while to get here!Geez!....
  5. Edgar started his last couple of weeks vacations yesterday!Yay!He's home with us!
  6. I decided to go through a major cleaning in my house (Already done the kitchen!)
  7. I started wearing make up on a daily basis again (haven't done it since Eric was born)
  8. Tried a new recipe of octopus
  9. Worked on Eric's wool jacket
  10. I've been ironing (a lot!!!) :p
  11. I've been taking a whole bunch of sky pics for my 2nd Friday Sky Watch
  12. Got to get Eric into his old routine (up by 9am/nap by 2pm/bed at10h30pm)
  13. Trying to cut on the amount of cappuccinos I drink per day (I was having about 4 per day)

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Petula said...

Octopus? I guess I should say "ewe" since I've never tried it. I hope everything works out with the school & the getting into a fight. Good luck getting him back on schedule. :)

The New Mom on the Blog said...

A fight...hmmm...over what? I'm curious!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Hey, my house needs a major cleaning as well...wanna come over?! ;)

Hope your mom is feeling better. I've had some sort of stomach bug the past couple of days...NOT FUN!

Tina said...

great new about erics routine. must be a releif. congrats to your friend. poor thing gonna be in alot of pain for a couple of weeks after her section :(