Sunday, October 26, 2008


Today is the Birthday of 2 people I truly adore!!!
My baby brother Andre is turning 13!
And it's also my big friend Tammy's Birthday!!!
Tammy is a very sweet lady with a great heart who I absolutely adore.
You can check on both of her sites over "Mom Knows Everything" and over "A Little Girl Talk".
Hope you guys have a great day!
I wish you both the best in life!

And now I'm heading to my mom's house to Andre's Birthday Party!


Tammy said...

Thank you so much buddy! It's so cool I share the same birthday as your baby brother!
Love ya girl! mwuah!

Toni said...

Happy Birthday to your little brother and I still have to go to Tammy's site to wish her Happy Belated!!!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Better late than never...Happy Birthday to both. I'm over to say hi to Tammy.

Tina said...

looks like me you and Tina L all had the same idea here lol. Tam deserves it though!

P.s From your comment i love you too ;)

Petula said...

I hope Andre had a happy birthday and I am such a loser blogging friend because I missed Tammy's birthday. Cute post.