Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Adventure with the Peanut Butter Cookies

Well, I think that now I'm officially prepared to live in the States or in Canada!
Thanks to my dear friend Tammy I've managed to bake these yummilicious cookies for the kids!....

Thanks Tammy!!!!!

My English ain't that bad...
I'm a pretty fast learner...
And I even know how to bake peanut butter cookies!!!
So all I need now is: a job opportunity!!!

Sandra's Sunday Corner

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And my today choices are:

Ne Yo--Mad

Ne-Yo - Mad (Official Video)

Book:"Congo" by Michael Crichton

Perfume:"Pleasures" by Ester Lauder

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Eric and Santa!...

A couple of days ago, while heading home after all my errands, Eric came up with this conversation:
He:«I want Pocoyo Game.»
Me:«Oh yeah?Then you'll have to ask Santa for that.»
He:«No.I have to ask dad for that.»
Me:«No...You have to ask Santa cause he's the one who brings kids their presents.»
He:«NO!I have to ask DAD cause he's the one who's got the "MONEYS"!
I think it's so cute when they have their lil' hearts filled with hopes and dreams...
I think nowadays kids are smarter then we believe!...
3 years old...And he doesn't believe in Santa anymore!....*Big sigh*.....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Last Night..."--Short Tale #2

" I woke up this morning with a smile on my face...I didn't even dare to open up my eyes!...
It all felt like a dream...A dream from what I didn't want to wake up...
I could still feel the taste of your kisses on my lips...
The warm of your body against mine...
The touch of your hands on my skin...
I could still hear you whispering in my ears how much you love me...
I wanted more! More of it!...More of you!...
I turned to hold you against me...But you weren't there!...
I try not to panic...
I take a deep breath, dress up my robe and look for you around the house...
There's no sign of you...Just a couple of glasses and an empty wine bottle on the table...That's all that was left...
I look around for a note or something from you!...My heart beat increases madly and I felt like I'm choking!...
NO!!!Why did you do that?!
Where did I go wrong with you?!
Why you had to leave me like that?...
I pick up my cell phone desperate for a text message...But there's nothing!...No signs of you!...
My trembling fingers dial your number...But I can't get through...
I break down in tears...
I hate you!!!!
I hate all about you!...
I hate the way you look at me!...
I hate the way you smile!...
I hate your male perfume!...
I hate the way you talk!...
I hate the touch of your hands!...
I hate the way you make love to me!...
But most of all, I hate my self for loving you so much!...
The doorbell rings...
I can hardly stand on my legs, but I get up from the floor and walk towards the door...
It's a delivery...For me...
The most amazing flower bouquet I've ever seen!...
It has a card on it:
«You look so beautiful when you're sleeping.
I had to fight myself to not wake you up and make love to you again...
Thanks for the magical night.
Let's have dinner tonight.I'll pick you up at 8pm.
Love you »"

Thursday Thirteen--19th Edition

Thirteen R&B/Hip-Hop Singers I'm Into

  1. Missy Elliot
  2. Usher
  3. Chris Brown
  4. Ne Yo
  5. Alicia Keys
  6. Ja Rule
  7. Busta Rhymes
  8. Sisqo
  9. Leona Lewis
  10. Nelly
  11. Mary J. Blige
  12. Eve
  13. Timbaland

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Catching Up With The News

Monday, November 24, 2008

How Old?...

I believe that men get more affected about the age issue than us women.More than once I had this conversation with my hubby cause he says that he's getting older and that that reflects on men easier then in women...
I always reply that he doesn't need to worry about that cause God (and his parents!LOL!) provided him with a baby face, but he still has an issue about it and seems to not believing in what I say.
So...What do you think girls?
How old you think he is?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sandra's Sunday Corner

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And my Today Choices are:

Book:"THINNER"--By Stephen King

Perfume:"CINEMA"--By Yves Saint Laurent

Music:"Cry To Me"--Dirty Dancing

Cry To Me ~ Dirty Dancing

A Taste of Justin Timberlake (1993-2008)

For the JT's fans!
Big, big improvements!....

A Taste of Justin Timberlake (1993-2008)

The Birthday Lunch/Party

Yesterday we had a small family gathering over my MIL's to celebrate Eric's birthday.Everything went smoothly and the kids had a great time eating all those candies! LOL!The grown up's also had a blast having their booze and yummy food!LOL!
There were some relatives that were not able to attend to the birthday party.Some of them I missed but some others I was glad they weren't there!LOL!(Like that lady I've mentioned on my guesting post over my friend Tina Lapadula's place).
So here's some pics of Eric's B'Day:

The Birthday Boy

Eric and Mommy's present (his buddy teddy bear)

The Birthday Cake

Dad and the Birthday Boy

Eric blowing the candle

MIL,Mom, Me and my SIL Joana

3 of my Nieces :Susana, Mafalda and Sara

The kids playing PS2

My nephew/godson Daniel,Eric and Wilson

2 Remarks about these pics:
1--I almost fainted when hubby told me the b'day cake price!I asked the smallest size (which is 1.5 killos=3.30lbs)!We payed 26€=$33.8 for it!I think it's quite expensive for a birthday cake!....
2--Eric didn't have the chance to play with that airplane that he won from his cousin Carina and her boyfriend.Wilson and my brother Andre broke it before he had the chance to do it...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sky Watch Friday #9

Thursday, November 20, 2008



Thursday Thirteen--18th Edition

Thirteen Things about ERIC

1.Eric was born on the November 20th at 20h20ms (08h20pm)
2. His first name is Eric (strong as an eagle) and his middle name is Gabriel (as the Angel)
3. Our first choice for his name was Kevin ( but it wasn't allowed, the Portuguese laws for babies names is very stupid!They didn't allow it cause it's written with a K.They only allow it if written like this"Quèvin" !No way I would accept that!)
4. He weighted 3.650kgs (8.04lbs) and measured 50 cms (19.68 inches)
5. He had lots of dark brown hair
6. He never took a bottle of formula
I managed to make him use his pacifier till he was about 8 months old,then he decided he didn't want it any more

His first word was "mommy" at the age of 7 months

He started to walk at 12 months

His first tooth came out when he was 9 months old

11. His favorite toys are his teddy bears
His favorite cartoons are POCOYO and SpongeBob

His only time till now, that he was away from his mommy was a couple of days ago when Mommy took big bro Wilson to the ER.First time ever he was alone with dad for over 5 hours.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Big Thanks!

Thank you so much for the kind words you girls left on my post about Wilson!
You girls rock!!!
He's feeling much better and hasn't complaint about any pains what so ever.
Still, I'm going to schedule his app with the cardiologist to make sure that it was really nothing.
It's a blessing to have such good friends!


Monday, November 17, 2008

My Day in the ER

This is just a very tiny post to tell you that I've had a crappy day...
I'm feeling so exhausted and my head is killing me!...
After lunch, Wilson's teacher called me to school once Wilson was feeling sick...
He had a huge pain in his chest, is vision was kinda blurry and he was so pale that she thought that he would faint...
As we were walking home, Wilson started to complaint about a pain in his shoulder/arm....Ok at this point I REALLY started to worry about the whole situation and took him straight to the ER!...
After 5 long hours, we got back with a whole bunch of exams in our hands.
Thanks God it was nothing!
Now I must to schedule an app. with a children Cardiologist to make sure it was REALLY nothing...
My head is about to explode....
You have no idea of the amount of sick children (mostly newborns) that were there!....I can still hear them crying!......


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sandra's Sunday Corner

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My dear blogging friends,
Today I've decided to come up with somethin' new.
I've called it «Sandra's Sunday Corner».
So from now on, every Sunday I'll come up with 3 Sunday choices of my own!...
A song, a book and a perfume.
Hope you girls like my choices for today!

The Song:


The Perfume: "CHANEL CHANCE"

Friday, November 14, 2008

Two Silly Boys!....

Wilson and Eric are 6 years apart.But most of the time you can not tell who's 9 and who's (almost!) 3!!!
They're best buddies thou Eric likes to say otherwise!LOL!
Silly boys!....


Honestly, I believe that this world is going crazy!...
What's wrong with people?!...Is everyone loosing their mind??Are we reaching apocalyptic moments???What's going on????
First,during my today tour on my blog hopping I read this Angelina's post about people in China who eat unborn children!!!I almost puked thou I was aware of the violence of those images, cause I've seen it before on an email but just thought it was some kinda prank!...
Than, while net surfing my hubby found out this JOB APPLICATION!

Ok!I know this must be a printing failure ...Or a tricky question!...Go figures!