Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time 4 Sleep!

Since Eric turned 3 years old short time ago,I have been seriously thinking in buying him a "big boys" bed.
Sleeping was always an issue for him so choosing a bed will be something big for us and for him as well.
There is a lot of offer a bit all around but when you're about to buy an item that it's supposed to last and be comfortable and still not too expensive, at the same time,you have to dig a bit deeper.
Fortunately there are some cool reliable places to do so such as "Time4Sleep".
There you will be able to find all sort of beds for you or for your children.
With such wide range your only problem will be to decide which one is prettier!
There are :
  • Leather Beds
  • Wooden Beds
  • Children Beds
  • Metal Beds
  • Divan Beds
  • Storage Beds
  • French Style Beds
  • Antique Beds
  • Upholster Beds
  • Guest Beds
  • White beds
  • And much more!
They also have a very good Sale Campaign that you may want to have a look!
And in the case of buying a children bed, they offer the mattress!Isn't that great?
No matter what's your house style or your personal taste, you will find a bed that fits you really good.
Not to mention its product quality and the affordable prices of it.


Lapa37 said...

Good luck finding Eric a bed that is such an important step.

Tammy said...

We want to get Aidan a Thomas the Tank Engine bed.

Tina said...

i like the novelty beds. i wish they had them for adults too!

Angeline said...

I can foresee myself buying a 'car-shaped' bed as their very first bed...

(hey girl, I've got a 'Wonder Woman' Award for you, go claim it, won't ya?)

Anonymous said...

Its looking fine, you can find more designer Storage Beds from Spacify.

Jan said...
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