Thursday, January 15, 2009

Keeping my baby close to me

When ever I have a baby I always like to feel him close to me...It's like if the baby is still part of my body.
Being married with an African,made me realize that are some methods they have that are in fact quite useful.
So we use this sort of African fabric called "capulanas" to strap the baby on our back or on our sides.
Thou they are quite handy because they allow us to move around freely with the baby,they are not very comfortable I have to admit.
Thankfully, someone came up with the slings for babies!And those yes!They are amazing!
On you can find those comfy ones in the most beautiful patterns.
So if you are thinking,what good is it for, just consider this:

-If you are an active parent,you don't have to stop cause you can move all around with your hands free
-Keeping the baby close to you calms the baby
-It helps strengthening the mother/baby bond
-Breastfeeding will be easier for you and for the baby as well
-You can use it in different positions
-You can use it since the day the baby is born till he/she gets to 35lbs
-When you're not using it it's easy to keep it away because you can fold it
-The patterns are gorgeous!
-The baby body weight is perfectly distribute
-There are 10 sizes so you don't have to worry
-You can get also a leg padding to make the hip carry more comfortable
-It's easy to care.Just wash it in the machine and line dry it

And they are hand made in Seattle!
So if you have a baby or even a toddler needing begging you to carry him/her the whole time, a baby carrier would be the right choice!!!Just think of all the advantages!


Angeline said...

I used slings for both my boys!
I love it.
no heavy prams...
I'm still keeping my sling for memory sake.

Crazy Working Mom said...

I have always wondered if those really worked. I use one of those baby carriers from time to time, but they are so bulky and uncomfortable that I haven't used it much. I might have to look into these.



Tina said...

they look nice for baby. i dont think we can get them over here though

Gin E said...

I'm a baby wearer myself. It's easier to go around with the baby in the sling that bringing a stroller.

Toni said...

I had something similar to that and used it outside when Hunter was really little and it was cold outside because he seemed to get really warm in it. Now I did use one of those front carriers a lot when I would take Maddie for walks...