Monday, January 19, 2009

Meet My Friends Monday

This lovely meme is hosted by dear friend Toni @"It is Nap Time".
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This week I'm introducing to you a recent blog buddy that has become a wonderful friend:

Tina Lapadula

Tina a lovely lady that lives in North Carolina (USA) with her hubby and her lovely kids (a boy[11] and a girl[6]).This friend of mine loves music and her pets!Boy!She really loves animals!
She is very creative and I love her sense of humor!
Tina has 4 blogs of her own:

So hop over her blogs and have a look around!I'll bet you will love it!


Petula said...

Wow, how does she manage four blogs. I can't even manage two. She sounds like a great person.

Angeline said...

I totally agree on the 'creativity' part of her... amazing!

and by managing 4 blogs, shows how capable a person she is...

Lapa37 said...

Thanks for the lovely words from you are such a sweetie.

Toni said...

I enjoy Tina's blogs!!!!

Great lady!

Thanks for playing.