Monday, January 12, 2009

Meet My Friends Monday

This sweet meme is hosted by my lovely friend Toni @"It is Nap Time"

This week I'll be introducing to you my dear friend Petula Wright.
Petula is a brilliant woman and owns an outstanding personality!
She's a single mom of 4 children (that are 17,5,3 and 1 years old) who lives in the state of Georgia,USA.
Petula absolutely loves writing.She has been a writer and an editor for 14 years now.
If there is one thing that we agree 100% is about the meaning of "FRIENDSHIP"!
What else can I say about this girl!?
She's a loving mom, an amazing strong woman and a wonderful friend!
And if you wanna know more about this gorgeous friend of mine, please check her awesome blog:


Lapa37 said...

She sounds like a great person and once again if you say she is sh must be.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hi, Sandra! Thanks for stopping in to meet me via Toni's Monday friend. I hope you'll come back often and fall under the spell of my fictional nutcases er... ahh... rock stars. (Same thing, though!)

Toni said...

Love Petula! Great pick! Thanks for playing!

Petula said...

Awwww!!! That's so sweet, thank you. You are such a wonderful friend to me and I am so glad we "met." I hope you have a great week. Thank you again; you've made my day!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Oh, I love to read her blog. Nice choice!!!

Tina said...

i never knew you knew Petula! she is my friend too, and so cool!