Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cold, cold and more cold!...

A North Pole front it's hiting Europe and we are freezing out here!!!
Spain, Germany and France are getting below 0 temperatures...We have some of that too but not as they do thankfully!
Other wise this girl here wouldn't not be here typing anymore!LOL!
Still, houses here in Portugal are not made to deal with such low temperature...And I can not afford to buy an air-conditioning system....So we have heaters!....Those portable ones....And Hot water bottles!...And blankies!!!!  LOL!!!
Honestly....I wonder what these contractors were thinking....Brick and stone houses are not made to  deal with cold weather....It's 6º(43F) outside for the crying out loud!And it's only 7 pm!During night time we're expecting to drop to 0º(32F)!Or -1º(30.2F)!Brrrrrrrrrrr!.....My hands are frozen....My nose is nipping... I want Summer!!!!


karla artes said...

tambem eu quero sol
verão ,praia,andar a vontade
este frio e de rachar
todas as manhas tenho que descongelar o vidro do carro,fico sempre com as maos geladas que até doi

Angeline said...

*Bear Hug* keeping you warm.... *wink*
take care and don't fall sick...

Mizé said...

Oi Sandra.
We´re freezing here too!
Já há muito que não fazia tanto frio no Algarve, brrrr. Nem o meu aquecedor a óleo resulta bem, só quando estamos muito perto. Não apetece sair à rua, é horrível. Como sofro de frieiras, ainda é pior.
Bom, mas isto há-de passar. Para já, vou ficar o fim-de-semana nas mantas, lol.
Bom fim de semana.

Gin E said...

Weather here in Manila is a bit cold too...but not as cold as it is out there.

Keep warm, OK...and I hope none of you catch a cold or somethings.


Toni said...

It is cold here as well. We do have central heat but I keep it turned down as low as I can because it gets so expensive. Our other problem is we need new windows. They let way to much air in. We do have a fire place which helps during the day and evening but of course we have to shut it up while we sleep and we bundle up and cover up!!! I would love a good snow and this yes bring on summer!