Friday, August 22, 2008

Chinese Boy--My Last Post About it I Swear!

Ok this will be my last post about this!LOL!
I couldn't believe my eyes when I handed him the chop sticks....
He can actually used them!
And he's a lefty!
I was in my late 20s when I finally figured out how to use it!(yeah I'm kinda slow sometimes AHAHAHAH!)
I can assure you: his brothers can't handle it that well!


Toni said...

That is impressive. It is wild hearing your voice!!!

Petula said...

He's good!

Tina said...

oh my god he is so good. i tried a few times. i just cant grasp it, and i dont know how people can eat with them ha! pass me a fork any day!

Tammy said...

I still can't use chop sticks! Was that your voice????

Sandra Carvalho said...

Yep girls!That's my voice.
Doesn't match my face right?!AHAHAHAHA!

The New Mom on the Blog said...

I went crazy hearing your voice!!! *laugh*

my 4-year-old is still figuring it out! you've got a genius there!

hey girl, I've got an award for you, go grab it!