Monday, August 11, 2008

Cherry Cute Litlle face!...

This is how Eric looks like after eating a whole bowl of cherries!
Yep, he's all thrilled about the way he looks!
You might even think he looks cute and funny, and so did I, that was the reason why I took this pic of him...But I have to be honest...After having a second good look at him I almost freaked out!
Everything in him was PURPLE!His hands, mouth, legs, clothes, the kitchen table, the chair, the floor and even Bianca (my dog who's white!) were all PURPLE! I felt like screaming!
I grabbed a cleaning cloth and a whole bunch of baby wipers and started to clean all around!
I had to put him in the bathtub and gave him a shower.
And despite all my efforts his finger nails kept a purplish kind of color for about 2/3 days!
I guess it will take me a while before I buy him some more cherries!...


Tina said...

oh man look at the little hands lol. rather you than me mate! i wud have freaked out too!

im thinking your buying no more cherries!

Tammy said...

He is so cute! Aidan doesn't like berries. He likes berry flavored ice cream though. LOL

Shireen Loh said...

hehehe..hey, purple man heheh...he's too cute!! :-)

Kelly said...

That is so cute. I think he enjoyed them! :)

My oldest has been eating blueberries and ends up with a purple tongue, lips and teeth. It's funny

Toni said...

lol!!! I love for Hunter to feed himself but the mess kills me. I can't even imagine how I would be if I were a clean freak - guess we'll never know!!! Haaa haaa

Vinayak said...

He is a very notty boy.
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I am 9 yr old
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The New Mom on the Blog said...

*laugh* is he like that when he eats chocolate too?!

Petula Wright said...

Well... at least he enjoyed them. Tahee!