Thursday, August 21, 2008

Training Champions

While watching the Olympic Games I told to my hubby once (I was just joking of course!):
"Honey do you know how come Michael Phelps is so darn good at his swimming?"
"Nop"-he replied.
"It's cause North-Americans are use to swim as fast as they can to run away from sharks!!!!"
He laughed and said:"Oh yeah!?But the Australians are not that bad too!..."
"So would I be to run away from the salt water crocs!"We both laughed...
Then he said--"No wonder Kenyans run so fast then!"
Me:"And that would be because?...."
We laughed and said at the same time:"They're used to run away from lions!..."
Later on checking upon our emails I found out this video....
Man!!!I couldn't ever imagine that I was soooooooooooooo right about it!

How Australian's Train To Swim


Zen Ventures said...

That's just funny. LIke they say, be careful with what you wish for because you might get it! :)

The New Mom on the Blog said...

*laugh* You two are funny couple, I like it!

Gin E said...

You and husband are funny. Is that video for real? LOL!

By the way, I not so sure where else to post this...I would like to give you an award. Please check this link:

Tammy said...

That would make me swim really fast too! LOL