Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen-- 3rd Edition

Thirteen Names and it's Meanings

1.Sandra- short name for Alessandra;the one who resists to men (hahahah!)

2.Edgar- wealthy man

3.Filipe=Philip- The one who loves horses

4.Wilson- Son of William

5.Eric- Powerful as an eagle

6.Gabriel- Sent by God

7.Maria- Same as Miriam;sovereign lady

8.Tammy- The perfect one

9.Alexandre=Alexander- Defender of the Human Species

10.Claudia- The one who limps

11.Chloe- Blooming

12.Bianca- Pure white

13.William- The one who protects

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Toni said...

Hey just want to say happy TT again! I do wonder what is wrong with your Mr. Linky! Love your list!

Tina said...

Tammy will love that meaning! she is perfect though ;)

but no Tina meaning? sob sob ha!

like the sound of the wealthy man lol, and whats going down with that meaning- the one who likes horses one haha!

Tammy said...

Tina's right! I LOVE IT!!!