Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wilson's Christmas Party at School

Today was kids last school day.Now it's Xmas Break!They only go back on January 5th...
So once it was they last day, they had a small party at school (party in school here is equal to kids singing and dancing.That' s about it...)
Filipe also had a party at Junior High, but it was at the exact same hour then Wilson's.
Last year I didn't managed to watch Wilson's Xmas party cause the parents were not aloud to watch due to the lack of space...(Yeah, you read it right.Not aloud!)So this year I decided to watch Wilson's...Poor Filipe didn't have any family member watching his...Thanks God he is mature enough to understand the reason why...
So, here are 3 videos of the kids performance...

This first one is Wilson's class performing a song/dance.He's the one in the end of the front row with a dark brown jacket and a blue scarf.(I'm sorry about the heads in front but it was crowded and I couldn't get up to make the video.And I had Eric sit on my lap! :P)


This second one is Wilson's music and English class.You can see his music teacher playing guitar.


Finally the third one!
This is nothing to do with Wilson!LOL!
You see, where we live there are 3 predominant cultures (Portuguese,African and Gypsy).
I bet you girls have that romantic idea of gypsy ladies with colorful long skirts reading hands...
That's far from the truth!....
They have a very strong culture that has some beautiful things like girls and their pride about their long hairs, like the jewelery they wear (they love gold) and their dancing.
The teachers try to emphasize the best in every culture.
In this video you can see 2 gorgeous gypsy girls and some gypsy boys dancing.Of course, that in every class there are kids from the 3 cultures but this 3rd grade (year) teacher decided to do something different than Christmas Carols.



Toni said...

Looks like big fun!!! Neat that the teacher explores the different cultures!

Fotos da Lurdes said...

Grande animação na escola do wilson,até que enfim que fizeram qualquer coisa animada na escola .Sandra os videos ficaram muito engraçados.
Great animation in the wilson school.At last the school decide to make a party.
Sandra the videos were very nice....xoxo

Petula said...

That is so very cool! Thanks for sharing that.