Monday, December 22, 2008

Meet My Friends Monday #2

Meet My Friends Monday is hosted by my BBF Toni.

Today I'd like to talk about my dear friend Tina.
Tina is a wonderful lady and an amazing friend.
She is what I call the Ultimate Hot Momma!She's a very funny girl that always manage to put I smile on my face!
Tina is a stay at home mom of two gorgeous boys who are 4 and 1 years old.
She lives in the UK and I just love her outgoing personality!
We do have a lot in common and just like Toni, she was one of my first commenters!
Tina has 3 blogs of her own:

"Mummy Diaries"--Where you can take a look over her daily family life.

"Game Freakz"--where she reviews games and cool stuff.

"Gossip Avenue"
--where  she talks about celebrities,fashion,make up...

If you wanna piece of advise  hop over her blog and see for yourself what I mean! ;)


Lapa37 said...

She sure is hot mama and a real sweetheart.

Toni said...

She is a wonderful lady! Love some Tina!!!

Toni said...

Thanks for participating!

Kellan said...

I'll go check out her sites - thanks!

Happy Holidays, Sandra!


Angeline said...

Yeah! Tina!!! totally agree that she is the Ultimate Hot Momma!!!!

(I'm such a terrible friend, I just noticed that you linked my 'new' blog.... Thank you girl! I've put both your blogs on mine too)

Tammy said...

Tina is a hoot and she a doll!

Petula said...

She's such a sweet, funny person.

Tina said...

bless you. i had no idea you did me this week! love ya girl x