Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen--20th Edition

Thirteen Christmas Wishes

  • I wish that my kids grow healthy and happy
  • I wish the best in the world to my family and friends
  • I wish my marriage to last forever
  • I wish to achieve my main goal in life (Emigrate!)
  • I wish I get a job that makes me feel fulfilled
  • I wish that the year of 2009 flies by just as fast as the one of 2008 cause I wanna get preg in 2010!
  • I wish I get my Green Card Visa in 2009 (Oh!Wait!...Is this the same as emigrate?!LOL!)
  • I wish I get my drivers license (yep...that's correct!...I don't have it!...)
  • I wish my kids keep being successful in their studies
  • I wish my sister works out her issues and straights her life
  • I wish I gather enough money for a family trip to Mozambique
  • I wish my hubby gets raised!(the law enforcements haven't been raised in the last 3 years!)
  • And if there's any wish left for me, I'd like to get a sewing machine!LOL!!!!!

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Gin E said...

I also don't have a drivers license (but in my case, I prefer never to get one, lol!)

Hope you get all your wishes! :)

Have a great day today!

Angeline said...

I really really wish that your 4th wish will come true!!!

Toni said...

I hope you get all your wishes. Hey, when you win that lottery and come to America, I will teach you to drive!