Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen--21st Edition

Thirteen Things about My Week

  • Last Monday we took Wilson to the pediatric-cardiologist.She did same exams on him and told us not to worry cause everything is ok.She's 95% sure that those pains in his chest are due to respiratory problems (he has large adenoids).Still she scheduled another exam to January just to be 100% sure of it.
  • The day we went to Lisbon to Wilson's app it was freezing!Still I managed to take some gorgeous pics that I'll post on my Friday Memes
  • This week I got really worried about Wilson because some kids in his school saw a man taking pictures of them during recess time.Some of the little girls were just terrified.Like always, most of the grown up did not believe the kids and said they were making it up...I DO believe in children!So Wilson is being escorted by me, dad or big bro always!
  • Filipe won a computer game Tournament in his School(you can check his winning pics over "Cidade Jovem")
  • Hubby gave me my Xmas present, an Expresso coffee machine
  • We got our wireless system!Now it's non stop blogging the whole time!
  • I'm in my PMS week...
  • I got xmas cards from my BBF's Tammy,Toni and Tina Lapadula
  • My mom is going to Serra da Estrela, way up North in Portugal.She's going to see snow for the very first time
  • I'm still thinking what to give to my kids for Christmas
  • Eric fall asleep while having dinner 2 days ago.It was hilarious to see him fighting it...Chewing with his eyes closed!LOL!
  • Finally I'm NOT breastfeeding Eric any more!!!Woo Hoo!
  • A friend of mine told me a secret that made me sooooooooooo happy that I screamed when she told me ************!You wanna know what it is ???You will know!Some day!LOL!

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Tammy said...

I wanna know the secret!!! ;o)

Toni said...

hee hee! You know my mind is elsewhere. I did not even do a Thursday 13 this week!!! I hope everything get better with Wilson and the doctor's fix it and that is that!

The picture taking thing at school would freak me out. Good for you for believing and protecting your child!!!

Angeline said...

hey hey.... someone's in great mood eh?! Keeping the suspense.....

the thought of someone taking photos of the kids completely make me shiver....