Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meet My Friends Monday #1

Today I'm starting to play "Meet My Friends Monday",a weekly meme by my dear friend Toni@"It is Nap Time".
This meme is about introducing to you my blogging buddies!
And who better to start with then its creator!?

So this week I'm introducing to you (you probably know her just as good, not to say better than,as me!):

Toni is a wonderful lady and a great friend.
She lives in the American State of Tennessee with her hubby and 2 years old baby boy Hunter, whom  I dearly call "Lil'Cowboy".
She was my entrance to the blogging world in English, cause at the time I only posted in Portuguese.I remember that my 1st comment I left her was about a spider!
Toni runs 2 blogs: "It is Nap Time" and "Creating Life".
In the 1st one she portraits her life as Mom,Wife and Woman.In the 2nd one she tells us her adventure in getting little Hunter a sibling.
I always love to read what she's got to say!
Not to mention that I LOVE our chatting! ;)
Well,there's so much I could say about her that I'd be going on and on forever!
But if you wanna know this friend of mine a bit better just hop over her blogs!
Toni, you ROCK!


Toni said...

Oh girl, you are so sweet! What kind words! I truly appreciate it and I also appreciate you playing along!!!

Tammy said...

You are so right! Toni does ROCK!!!

Lapa37 said...

Yes she is a great person as are you and Tammy and Tina. I have made some really good friends blogging.

Tina said...

yay toni rocks woo! thats a great pic u picked out for her mate .... check out my meet my friends this week, i think you will like it :0

Petula said...

Toni is so great... and she's really a sweetie. Great profile.