Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen-- 8th Edition

Thirteen Words Starting with the S Letter
and it's Translation from Portuguese to English

  1. Sapo-- Toad
  2. Sopa-- Soup
  3. Sal-- Salt
  4. Sapato-- Shoe
  5. Sentido-- Sense or Direction
  6. Sentimento-- Feeling
  7. Saída-- Exit
  8. Sacudir-- Shake
  9. Sarar-- To Heal
  10. Sobremesa-- Desert
  11. Sorrir-- Smile
  12. Saltar-- Jump
  13. Saudade-- It's said that there is no direct translation for this word that means the feeling of missing something from the bottom of our heart

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Tina said...

im sentimento tired and busy today lol

by way mate did you know you can set your settings for this comments page to open in a pop up window so people can stay on your blog instead of it taking over your page? xxx (if you want that that is lol)

Toni said...

Great list. I am sure the way that I pronounced them is totally incorrect!