Tuesday, September 9, 2008


For the ones who might not have noticed,this is a WOMAN'S BLOG!!!
I'm not in a very good mood today but I'll try to be just as polite as possible...
Unless you got something relevant to say about parenting, motherhood, pregnancy, babies, or hormones going wild cause you got your period, don't even bother to ask me for adding you as my BBF,badges and other blogging activities!!!
I spent 24/7 with four males,so I DO NOT need any male friendship what so ever!
Usually if after a first approach by you I don't reply to your comments it's cause I'm NOT interested in establishing any kind of connection!
This is a girly thing, got it??
I rest my case.


Tammy said...

I hear ya! I hate it when people ask for links or badges on my blog and it's not a family related or womens blog.

Toni said...

Sorry you are in a bad mood! Hope you get in better spirits soon!!!

Toni said...

Got something for you. You gave it to me several months ago, so don't feel obligated to repost it but wanted you to have it from me!!!

The New Mom on the Blog said...

Oh dear! Little nice nice girl is on fire today!
Go bathe yourself in a tub of ICE WATER! Go now!

Gin E said...

Very well said! (" ,)