Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Thirteen--10th Edition

Thirteen Things on My Wishes List

  1. A dish washer
  2. A sewing machine
  3. A vacuum cleaner
  4. A new wardrobe for the kids room
  5. An extreme make over!
  6. A car (and the drivers license!)
  7. A family trip to Mozambique
  8. To get a college degree
  9. A well paid job (anything over $500 per month will do!)
  10. To go on a Safari
  11. To see snow (yep!Never saw it before!)
  12. Take my kids to Disney World (preferably the one in Orlando)
  13. To have a baby girl!!!

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Gin E said...

Cute wish list...I'm also wishing for a a driver coz the hubby is to lazy to drive me!

Tina said...

you never saw snow girl? that is shocking mate!

you should come over here. we always get snow xmas time ;)