Monday, March 30, 2009

The White Masai

Remember my "Sandra's Sunday Corner" recomended book?
Well, while I was out of computer I read this AMAZING book!...Yes, it's a wonderful book!I devoured it!In less of a week I had this "gorgeous" read!
This is definitively one of the best books I've ever read in my life. I love true stories cause it takes us to somebody else's life and we can experience all they went through...The good stuff and the bad stuff!...
This lady here is a heck of a woman!!!
All the things she went through in the name of love!...Oh my goodness!You girls have no idea!...
Just picture this:
Over 20 years ago this gorgeous lady (Corinne Hofmann,a 28 years old woman from Switzerland)  went on vacation to Kenya...Thou she (kinda) had company with her she immediately fell in love with this Masai warrior that she had spot on the boat.That was love at the first sight!
Despite the huge cultural differences she decided that she would face everything and everyone for the man she loved.
She sold her store in Bern (Switzerland) to marry the Samburu warrior.
She endured several deadly diseases,
malnutrition,jealousy and a pregnancy and delivery while living in the bush!.... WOW!
She endured all that for 4 years...When she decided to escape from there with her gorgeous baby daughter Napirai.
I can assure you that this book is awesome!
After reading such an amazing story I had to see the movie but to be honest, it was a big turn off...
Any way...
Here's the link to Corinne's website and the movie trailer:


The White Masai trailer


Angeline said...

I am addicted to the sentence 'Based on a true Story' kind of movies... though there may be some exaggeration occasionally, but the events are usually all real!

So what's the end? she ran away with her girl? what about the warrior? what happened to him?

Weber said...

Sounds like a good book! :-)