Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Remember this?--"The Heights - How Do You Talk To An Angel"

The Heights - How Do You Talk To An Angel

This was one of my fav Tv Shows when I was a teen (this and Beverly Hills 90210 and a few more!).And I loved these guys songs!


Regina said...


Lapa37 said...

I remember it very well I also loved Beverly Hills.Go Brandon

Angeline said...

I am such a Beverly Hills 90210 fan!!! But not for the new season, don't really like the new faces.... still prefer the old ones... I think it has to do with my age!

Oooooohhhhh I love to sing this when I was in Secondary School all the time, cos' I felt the song was for me. *huge laugh* Angel-Angeline?
*rolling on the floor*

Andrea Singer said...

Jamie Walters was the first celebrity I ever met!!!! I never saw The Heights, but I loved this song and I loved him on 90210, so I was VERY excited when I went with my parents to the Mall of America in 1995 and he was there, signing his latest album. I wish that he was still in the business because he was very talented. . .and cute! :)