Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where we stand...

This morning while having breakfast my TV was on the morning news and when the news reporter started telling about this I almost choked!OMG! Laughing and having coffee at the same time is not a good idea!!!LOL!
Yes,I had a good laugh with this news...Not that that was something cheerful, absolutely not!But it was at least....How can I put it?....OUTRAGEOUS!
Just picture this:
Our Forensics Team (our CSI team) has run out of working material!!!For the past 6 months they have no material to collect  evidences from a crime scene!!!How can this be????????????So, what can we expect from this?!Should we consider that crime pays?!Well in Portugal it always did due to our very poor law system (no life sentence or death penalty...) but now the criminals feel even more "comfortable" doin' their stuff!
Now just look at us!...We, Portuguese,part of  Europe, a so called civilized country, land of the great conquerors, just had hit
the bottom!....

PS--Let me just remind you that when I mentioned "civilized" and "great conquerors" I was being ironic! You all know how much I love (NOT!!!!) my country!LOL!


Angeline said...

what a great start, laughter (the best medicine) in the morning!!!

Toni said...

Wow that is sad! But I can see why it would cause you to spew your coffee!

Petula said...

Oh my... that's something else!