Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen--18th Edition

Thirteen Things about ERIC

1.Eric was born on the November 20th at 20h20ms (08h20pm)
2. His first name is Eric (strong as an eagle) and his middle name is Gabriel (as the Angel)
3. Our first choice for his name was Kevin ( but it wasn't allowed, the Portuguese laws for babies names is very stupid!They didn't allow it cause it's written with a K.They only allow it if written like this"Quèvin" !No way I would accept that!)
4. He weighted 3.650kgs (8.04lbs) and measured 50 cms (19.68 inches)
5. He had lots of dark brown hair
6. He never took a bottle of formula
I managed to make him use his pacifier till he was about 8 months old,then he decided he didn't want it any more

His first word was "mommy" at the age of 7 months

He started to walk at 12 months

His first tooth came out when he was 9 months old

11. His favorite toys are his teddy bears
His favorite cartoons are POCOYO and SpongeBob

His only time till now, that he was away from his mommy was a couple of days ago when Mommy took big bro Wilson to the ER.First time ever he was alone with dad for over 5 hours.

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Crazy Working Mom said...

There are LAWS telling you what you can and can't name your children?! WOW!

He's never been away from you? That's amazing. Mine is 2 months and she's already had a sleepover with her grandma a couple of times...but I'm not breastfeeding either.

The New Mom on the Blog said...

an Angelic-Strong-Eagle eh?! Nice!

Toni said...

Precious boy. I am freaked about the naming thing! You will have to fill me in more on that over a chat!

He is a lucky boy!