Saturday, May 24, 2008

Um dia maravilhoso! "What a Lovely Day!"

Há dois dias atrás, aproveitamos a folga do marido e o facto de o dia estar mais ou menos (pois, não estava grande coisa, mas enfim...) e fomos almoçar fora e depois do almoço fomos com os miúdos até ao Parque da Cidade.Os miúdos estavam radiantes!Correram que se fartaram!
O meu Eric então, nem tenho palavras para descrever o quão eufórico ele estava...Adorou andara a correr atrás dos patos!
Foi um dia maravilhoso.

«A couple of days ago we went out for lunch once it was my hubby's day off.After lunch we took the kids to the park.What can I say?!....The kids were so happy to be outdoors that they ran and ran till they couldn't ran anymore LOL!!!Eric was so thrilled with it that he was giggling the whole time!The thing that he loved the most was to chase the ducks as you can watch in this short clips...
What a lovely day we had!...»


Tina said...

ha ha funny videos.

Your son looks like hes having a great time.

hey thats what the ducks are there for - to be chased lol!

The New Mom on the Blog said...

*laugh* chasing the ducks were super funny! You've got such cute kid!

Toni said...

I love it!!