Thursday, July 17, 2008


My BBF Tina tagged me this cute meme about ourselves (yeah...I know what you're thinking...Again about me!)
So here it goes!...
I am: a daydreamer
I think: a lot!
I know:I never get to know all that I need to know
I have: a lovely family
I wish:I was working and living in the US
I hate: racism and fawny people
I miss: my dad
I fear: for my kids
I hear: lots and lots of music
I smell: fresh made coffee
I crave: chocolate ice cream
I search: for full filling my dreams
I wonder: what the future has for me
I regret: some things I've said to my mom when I was a teen
I love: my family
I ache: each time I receive a "no can do" answer from a job application in the US or AUS
I am not: A vain person
I believe: In Angels
I dance: The whole time
I sing: the whole time as well!
I cry: Geeez!When I'm happy,when I'm down, when I read a nice book or watch a romantic movie...
I fight: against feeling down
I win: playing word games
I lose: playing PS2 with my kids
I never: will feel home as long as I live here
I always: have my kids around
I confuse: my hubby sometimes
I listen: what people have to say
I can usually be found: home
I am scared: of spiders
I need: a tummy tuck!
I am happy about: having a lovely family and the fact that I have healthy children
I imagine: the day I'll step in the US for the first time

I'm not tagging anyone cause I guess you all have been tagged before...
Just in case you haven't, please feel free to grab it!


Toni said...

Great to know new things about my blogging buddies!

The New Mom on the Blog said...

Chocolate Ice-Cream! Yeah! Thanks for the reminder....*laugh* I'm heading for my freezer now!

Tina said...

all these memes are nosey arnt they lol. glad you did it. I think us mothers could all do with a tummy tuck haha

Tammy said...

I need a tummy tuck too! LOL