Thursday, July 3, 2008

15 Lil' Things About Me

Ok...I know that this post will make you wonder about my mental sanity...And you'll be probably right about that!...LOL!So here's a list about some things that might let you know a lil' more about who's "Sandra".

1--I'm a daydreamer!(Though I'm conscious about reality)

2--I love Basketball! (To play as well)

3--I love horses (but I've only ride one when I was 11 y.o.)

4--I'm such a "redneck"! I love cowboy hats (but I don't have any) and I love country music (Faith Hill are my fav)

5--I'd love to have one of those Xmas wool sweaters (you know!Red and green with stars and Xmas trees...)

6--On September 11 I spent all day crying (I watched it happening live on Tv)

7--In Autumn, whenever I see a golden/reddish maple tree I feel homesick...

8--I don't want any of my kids to have Portuguese names (only Filipe has [and it sounds the same as Philip] cause I wasn't allowed to name him Eric at the time)

9--For the past 8/9 years I've been applying for the green card visa lottery

10--I rather deal with child labor pains then with a toothache!

11--For my 15 birthday my dad gave the US flag (yep!the star spangled one!)

12--I love to read (and I prefer to read the books in English)

13--My fav Tv show is "Desperate House Wives"

14--I believe in Angels (mine is Iahel) but I'm not a religious type of person

15--I love perfumes (my fav one is "Chance" by Chanel)

Faith Hill & Tim McGraw - Let's make love


Tammy said...

What's the green card visa lottery? Is it a lottery?

Kellan said...

I'm always sayin' that my husband is a redneck - but I am too - I've always listened to country music and love the smell of a barn and love horses.

I love pefumes too - Dune, Safari, Obsessions, Tresor - love um!

Have a good 4th - see you soon - Kellan

Tina said...

so... i can picture you playing basket ball in a cowboy hat wearin your christmas jumper hahahaha!

my birthday is september 11th wud you beleive! I hate it!

The New Mom on the Blog said...

Basketball, is that the reason for your height? you look really tall in the photos.

Priscila Azevedo said...

Virou americana, foi? pode crer que não são apenas as velhinhas lusitanas não... as brasileiras botam pra ferver o caldeirão! hahaha!! como está??

Toni said...

I love Desperate Housewives also. I grew up on a farm so horses and cowboy hats were the norm! Hunter actually has 2 cowboy hats that he really won't wear. But my Dad thinks he needs them. :)