Saturday, January 30, 2010

B'day Present!

Yesterday I turned 33 and had a great day!
I took the day off cause I wanted this day to be memorable!
Me and hubby spent the day all by ourselves went out for lunch, had a coffee at Starbucks and guess what I've offered myself??
I got a tattoo!
I've been wanting to do one for such a long time but was a bit scared.It turned out to be as easy as going to the hairdresser.Actually, last time I went to do my nails it was so painful that I felt like hitting the lady who was doing the stupid manicure!So this was piece of cake!
I gotta tribal butterfly surrounded by 3 little stars!Butterfly representing me and obviously the stars representing my 3 gorgeous baby boys!


CrAzY Working Mom said...

I hope ya had a great day. You sure made it memorable! OUCH! it's beautiful, but I'm too chicken for all of that pain. *LOL*

Kelly said...

It's beautiful!! I love it!

Gin E said...

cool! belated happy birthday girl!

Angeline said...

Aaawwww.... that is so pretty!!!
Sorry I came over so late.
Happy Birthday Dear!

Btw, I think that girl should quit doing manicure for people! *laugh*

Petula said...

I'm awful to have missed your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday. Love the tattoo - hope it still isn't as painful as it looks. I've thought about getting a small one although I don't know what I would do. Probably something like Ax4 with some type of image. IDK.

rjs mama said...

we're the same age! happy birthday. coool tattoo by the way :)

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