Monday, November 30, 2009

Update on my life news

Well, actually there isn't much to say!LOL!I'm still busy as a busy bee!
And I'm still in love with my job!LOL!
It's a very funny experience and I have a great team.I was the employee of the month for September and I have some responsibilities in my hands but I like it!
The kids are doing great and all excited about Xmas.I still haven't set up my Xmas tree thou!
I'm slimmer!!! Lost 5 kg in the last 4 weeks! So now I'm wearing jeans size 10!4 weeks ago I was a size 14!The ideal would be a size 8 thou! But I feel great already!
I miss my blogging friends a lot!
But...What can I do?....I'm always so tired that I hardly have time to do anything else.
Oh well....
Just hope everyone is doing great as well.
I'll keep in touch as regularly as possible!


Gin E said...

Hi Girl! You look fabulous! I love your hair by the way! =)

Angeline said...

Oh my!!!
Other than FB, I hardly see you active anywhere else online!
So glad to read this awesome update.
You truly look Great!
It shows through your eyes....