Monday, August 17, 2009

Mom's Wedding

Like you girls know, mom got married (I mean like signing papers and exchanging vows!...) last Saturday the 8th of August.I have to admit that the wedding was funny (a bit tacky for my taste but very funny) and everyone had a great time.
My mother and stepfather were so happy that the both of them looked like two small children on Xmas morning!...
They even cried while exchanging wedding rings and vows and while climbing up the staircase into the venue room!
I was the "photographer in charge" so there aren't many pics of this whale, I mean, momma here!LOL!
So here are some of the pictures my BIL took with his cam.Have fun girls!

I'm waiting for my mom to send me the pics I took with her professional cam so there's more to come ladies!


Kelly said...

You're mom is beautiful! She looks so happy!

Angeline said...

That's so cool!
Congrats Auntie! Congrats!

Seriously, if this happened in my country, it will be a huge hoo-haa....
COS ppl here can't accept it...
*eyes rolled*
narrow-minded beings....

but me, you know I don't belong to the clan... right? you know right???!!! Say yes!

Tammy said...

What lovely pictures!

Tina said...

ah thats so beautiful mate. hope your mom had a lovely day ... and looking hot in the doorway girl i must say!

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