Saturday, June 6, 2009

My supermom!

My Mom is a SuperMom!
Here she is in the annual Medieval Fair petting a Burmese Python!
And the most funny is....She fears them to death!
I remember once I picked up a baby snake and wanted to take her home with me and my mom almost slap me over that!LOL!
Well, now she says that she doesn't fear the big snakes cause their fat and slow!..Only the small ones who are fast as hell!LOL!
Sorry to say this mom but these ones are the ones who you should fear the most!LOL!Yeah...And the reason why I'm sayin' this is cause we don't have any dangerous snakes here in Portugal!
So if by any chance you get to be harmed by one These are the ones!Ahahahahah!
But I have to say that you really surprised me by takin' this pic!
Way to go mom!
Love ya very much!


Fotos da Lurdes said...

It is true ...
I don't like small snakes.......they move very fast to me.
I loved touch that beautiful snake, and i have more pity,touch the yellow one...
Very beautiful the Medieval Fair at Alhos Vedros...
Mom loves you!

Imelda said...

she looks scared in the pic sandra, lol.hapi sunday sis!

Tammy said...

WOW! Brave women! I would have ran away screaming if I saw it!

Angeline said...

oh your mom is touching ME!!!!!